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"I have indeed, which is wonderful." Erik said, smiling as he ran his fingers through her curls. "Though, I don't permit that you go into your room to sleep, not until I catch whoever did this." He said. "As for the chiropractor… Because, my dear, I fear that the aching in my bones is an onset of withdrawal. Besides, say I do go to the chiropractor complaining of painful joints, what do you think I'd be prescribed to relieve the pain?" He looked at her, silent, before answering himself. "Opium."
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"Oh" she said thoughtfully, thinking over what he’d said. "So, this gives us two options, me giving you a massage, or we leave it alone and let you suffer, which do you believe is better?" Asked she, her chin on his chest. "As for withdrawal we’ll have to find something to occupy you, such as puzzles or painting, something like that!"


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He pursed his lips momentarily then shook his head, although her offer did sound incredibly appealing to him. "I will be fine my dear, you do not need to worry youself. Though I do believe a chiropractor will not be of use in my case, I'm afraid." He said, bending down to kiss the top of her head, happy that he was finally able to without taking an antler crown to the face.
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"What to you mean, in your case? Of course one would be! You’ve got problems with your bones like other people do, you ache like other people do! It’s fine, Angel, and, if you’re scared to go in by yourself I’ll go with you." She said, grinning and kissing his nose.

"Did you notice? My antlers are gone! Almost completely! It’s amazing!" She cried, feeling the top of her head and snuggling closer to him.

"Now I can cuddle with you without worrying of impaling you."

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//*Envelope sign because mobile sucks*—other RP people that I, the Mun, admire!
RPing is one of the hardest things, (especially when you also run a account and are involved in extracurricular activities) to do, and muses don’t help much! So, all of you are amazing, but, if I must choose. (Mind you, I’m picking four or five, I can’t just pick one.)
Oh! And that anon who is roleplaying as Erik! I don’t know who you are, obviously, but you’re wonderful! :D

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Erik opened his eyes to look at her, smiling weakly. He shrugged his shoulders and made a 'so-so' hand gesture. "Sore. Sore and stiff..." He murmured in reply, rubbing her back softly. He sighed, standing up straight again, running his fingers through his thin, patchy hair. It was only going to get worse from here...
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"I can give you a massage, if you want one while the cookies are in the oven." Said she, her lips curving into a weak smile. "And tomorrow I’m scheduling you an appointment with the chiropractor." She added, giving him a gentle squeeze. "Do you want to sit and I can finish the cookies, or, what is it that you’d fancy, at this moment in time?"




Don’t cry because its over

cry because you’re ugly


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So you all know how these go, below the cut is a list of 42  RP prompts that came to me. If you’re feeling extra brave, reblog without looking! This list has a nice mix of shippy, non-shippy, fluffy, cracky, angsty, nsfw, and sfw and such forth. Who knows what you’ll get?  *Also gender and sexuality neutral!

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He gave a sigh. "Where's your sense of fun?" He said, grinning to himself. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye. "I'm kidding! I'm kidding..." He murmured, side stepping away, in case she decided to hit him over the head with the spoon. He placed the bowl back down, turning around to lean against the counter, rubbing at his temples with a quiet groan.
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She left the noodles to boil and took up a pan, rubbing butter on it to keep the cookies from sticking. “Now, take a spoon and make globs on the sheet, not too squished together, and not too big or else it’ll make one giant cookie.” She instructed, giggling at the image of a pan sized cookie! She saw him and walked over, wrapping her arms around him. “What’s the matter, Angel? How’s it feeling in there?” She asked, laying her cheek on his chest.

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Erik's heart began to race as she touched him, pulling him from the organ. His eyes locked onto hers as he was pushed to the couch. "Past the point of no return, the final threshold... the bridge is crossed so stand and watch it burn..." he sang out, his breaths heavy.
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"We’ve past the point of no…return" she sang with him, leaning down and kissing his neck. "My Erik.." she breathed, nibbling on his ear.

Erik smiled at the sight of their children. “We’ve done well, Christine,” he said, kissing Christine’s head and wrapping an arm around her waist.

"I think we have, too, my love!" She said, hugging him tight and looking up to him, puckering her lips, asking for a kiss as she stood on her tippy toes, so he wouldn’t have to bend down so much!

Erik smiled and leaned down, pressing a kiss to her puckered lips. He stroked her side gently as he parted his lips to legnthen the kiss.

Christine brought her hands up, laying her arms on his shoulders and clasping her hands together behind his neck, still on her tippy toes. She smiled into his lips and slipped her tongue into his mouth, gently touching his own.

Erik smirked and wrapped his arms all the way around her waist, pulling her closer. He suddenly picked her up, letting her legs wrap around him. “Let’s go eat that wonderful dinner you’ve made,” he smirked, only pulling away from her lips for a moment before bringing them back together.

"I think I want something else, now." She breathed, pulling away to kiss his jawline, nibbling on his ear before bringing her lips back to his, her hand pressing his head closer to hers, to deepen the kiss. Only letting to when her lungs burnt, screaming for air; she kissed down his cheek, to his neck, pressing open mouthed kisses to it.

Erik smirked once more. “Is that so?” He asked, turning around in the hall and going towards the bedroom. He quickly brought her inside, shutting the door tightly behind them.

Christine giggled, holding tight to him. “Perfectly so, my fiancé.” Said she, pulling their lips together again, her hand meandering down his shirt, caressing his back with her fingernails. “What do you want tonight?” She breathed before pressing their lips together again, tightening her legs around him.

Erik rested his hands on her backside. “I think we should mix things up a little, to prove to ourselves that even though we’re parents now, we’ve still got it,” he smirked. “Got any ideas?”

"Well, I’ve got lingerie, but I don’t know if it’ll fit." Said she, looking down at her still big stomach. "We could try handcuffs or tying the other to the bed? I believe it’s called BDSM." Said she with a giggle. "Just, no whipping, I don’t think I could take that….master." She purred, winking.

Erik smirked, enjoying his new pet name. “Go find something to wear,” he winked, setting her down. “Then come meet me back in here with your little toys.” He kissed her lips one last time before sending her to the closet.

She giggled and ran off to their closet, slipping in to one of Erik’s shirts and nothing more, though, his shirt was like a dress on her! It reached down to her knees! She had to dig in the back if the closet, but she finally found pink, fuzzy handcuffs. She strutted out of the closet, leaning on the doorframe with them. “Oh, master..” She said, singsongingly, waving the handcuffs. “I believe I’ve been a bad girl, and am in need of some punishment?” She asked, batting her eyelashes and walking over to him, dropping the handcuffs in his hand.